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Davos: Shorting the Great Transition?

As the BRICS tumble and much of the OECD meanders in the economic wilderness, George Soros’s predictions of a global crash should give us cause for concern, given his high-scoring predictive track record. Clearly action is needed as the global economy slows and recent gains in livelihood stability are threatened. But do such crashes actually stop or redirect the underlying direction of travel?…

Year of Green Finance – 2016

It is the Year of Green Finance, as my co-Director Nick Robins points out in a recent Huffington Post piece – The Year of Green Finance – a View from London. Nick was writing on the occasion of a high profile launch of the UNEP Inquiry report, The Financial System We Need, hosted by the Corporation of London, with many CEO’s and ministerial level folks from the UK Government in attendance.…

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