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None of Your Business – April Fools Day

Back in April 2013, I announced the success of a set of scientific trials to bottle Beijing pollution in small inhalers to help people in the transition to a clean air, oxygen rich environment. It has to be said there was considerable interest in the announcement and many requests for references to the underlying technical papers.

In late March 2015, I offered Martin Wolf of the Financial Times a piece focused on a deal made between Greece and China involving the paying down of Greece’s entire sovereign debt in return for the establishment of the country as a major technology hub for China to operate within the European trading zone.…

None of Your Business

London: today, at 00.01 GMT, a powerful new force was launched in efforts to address some of the world’s trickiest problems. None of Your Business, known affectionately as the N20 and not to be confused with Salt-n-Pepa’s fourth studio album, is a new, innovative and potentially catalytic partnership made up of key partners. Its declared mission is to promote initiatives that address the urgent needs of their stakeholders and are expressions of their autonomous, self-empowering interests and energies.…

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