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Green Digital Finance Alliance – LAUNCHED

Davos, 20 January, 2017 – the ‘Green Digital Finance Alliance‘, a ground-breaking initiative to harness digital technologies in catalyzing financing that addresses global environmental challenges, was launched today at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland by its two founders, Ant Financial Services Group (Ant Financial), China’s leading online and mobile financial services provider, and UN Environment.…

SMU Tri-Sector Collaboration – Student Briefing (Version 7.0)

I am teaching the “Partnership Mindset” module of the SMU’s MSc Tri-Sector Collaboration on 10th to 14th January, 2017, in Singapore. This posting serves to inform, students, relevant facility and others about the module, including about me (my short bio), and also provide links to some of the basic material you may want to review in advance of our face-to-face time.…

Year of Green Finance (2) – UN

On 6th December in New York, at the residence of Canada’s Permanent Representative to the UN, a new initiative was launched, the ‘Group of Friends on SDG Financing’, co-Chaired by the Canadian and Jamaican Ambassadors. Comprising about 30 Permanent Representatives, the initiative will seek to raise awareness and promote collective action, leveraging the strengths of the United Nations.

The following day, the President of the UN General Assembly, Peter Thomson, hosted a broader meeting of member state representatives on the topic of sustainable finance, and so initiated a stream of events and discussions on the topic under his leadership, building on his visible championing of the topic in the Inquiry’s briefing launched at the time of the General Assembly in September, “Financing Sustainable Development: Moving from Momentum to Transformation in a Time of Turmoil”.…

Year of Green Finance (1) – Fintech

As 2016 draws to a close, it has to be worth a blog or two to reflect on some of the developments this year that are not about the US elections – what at its outset we dubbed ‘the year of green finance’.

So let me start at the end, and let you know that UNEP Inquiry has just launched a new report on ‘fintech and sustainable development’.…


Washington DC: dawn on the 9th November 2017, inbox full of emails from a world of liberals who will never again be confident in American democracy and who remember the collective pasts where the basic decency of citizens was no longer to be relied on with ensuing catastrophe … the many good friends who said it could never happen, would never happen … fear and anger has won the day, the profound ignorance of the elite has once again been revealed in its terrible glory.…

Tri-Sector Forum – Singapore

From Washington to Singapore, where this coming week (28th April) the Singapore Management University is hosting the Tri-Sector Forum 2016. Grounded on the Tri-Sector Collaboration masters course on which I teach as a visiting prof., led by Ann Florini, who invented this ground-breaking course.

The session I am running is on the collaborative dynamics of efforts to align the financial system with the needs of sustainable development, building of course on the work of the UNEP Inquiry.…

22 April 2016, Earth Day – Stop Press – Calls to Reset Financial System in Pursuit of Sustainable Development

The IMF Spring Meetings last week was a red-letter week in progressing The Financial System We Need. Yes, it was a week when the UNEP Inquiry’s core messages went mainstream in style.

It was the week when Hank Paulson, ex-head of US Treasury with Governor of China’s Central Bank, Zhou Xiaochuan, got together at an event co-hosted by the UNEP Inquiry and the Paulson Institute and declared to an assembly of financial market heavyweights that green finance is critical to our collective futures and core to the development of tomorrow’s financial system.…

Fintech and Sustainable Development

UNEP’s “The Financial System We Need” marks a significant step forward but is nevertheless wrong or at least inadequate in (at least) one major respect. The financial system is under-going profound change that has not been addressed in UNEP’s work to date. In part these changes result from the policy and regulatory moves following in the wake of the financial crisis.…

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