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Beyond the 2008 Fix

Last Friday`s Paris Symposium entitled `New Rules for New Horizons: Reshaping Finance for Sustainability`, was a resounding success, co-hosted by the UNEP Inquiry and AXA. The accompanying op-ed, co-authored by myself and Christian Thimann, was widely published, and is copied below.

Finance needs to re-establish its role in serving the needs of an inclusive, sustainable economy. Policy and regulatory interventions following the financial crisis can help, by improving oversight and reducing dangerous levels of systemic risks.…

The Coming Financial Climate

The UNEP Inquiry has pre-released a summary of its 4th progress report in seven languages:

“The Coming Financial Climate”

The full report will be published during International Climate Finance day on the 22nd May during Climate Week in Paris, focused on learnings from our work that are directly relevant to channeling finance to address climate management and adaptation including security.

People`s Bank of China Advocates Greening Financial System

For those with an interest in the on-going China green finance work, the UNEP Inquiry released today the international, English-language version of the report of China`s Green Finance Task Force that we have co-convened along with the People`s Bank of China. The original, Mandarin version will be released at the same time as a high level, PBC-hosted event in Beijing.

Establishing China`s Green Financial System is authored largely by Ma Jun, the PBC`s chief economist, extends to 250 pages and includes 16 separately-bound technical annexes, 14 of which cover, one by one, each of the core proposals for greening aspects of China`s financial system.…

Sustainable Financial System Design Comes to IMF/World Bank Spring Meetings (finally)

Financial market reform aligned to sustainable development has arrived at the core. Heads up on the UNEP Inquiry`s forthcoming IMF/World Bank Spring Meeting side event next week in Washington that we are co-hosting with the World Bank on Thursday the 16th at 15.00. The session is about how to unlock private capital for financing the transition to a sustainable economy by adjusting financial and capital market design, the focus of course of the Inquiry, of course.…

Stop Press: Sino-Greek Historic Deal

BEIJING/ATHENS: 1st April – News emerged yesterday of behind-the-scenes negotiations to transform Greece, currently facing economic ruin, growing social unrest, and representing a danger to Europe`s stability and economic compact, into a Chinese manufacturing base in the heart of Europe. Details remain obscured by the secrecy surrounding the tripartite deal being developed by China, Greece and the European Union, and there were no official confirmations or denials by any of the three parties.…

China`s Big Move in Greening Financial System

The bilingual synthesis report “Greening China`s Financial System“, has been launched at the prestigious China Development Forum in Beijing. Co-authored by myself, it summarizing the fruits of almost two years work in China by the Development Research Center of the State Council, the International Institute for Sustainable Development, and with the UNEP Inquiry, along with an extensive group of Chinese and international experts.…

Chinese Outward Investment and Sustainability. Request for Reviewers

One spill over from my time in Beijing is my support to an extensive literature review about the nexus of Chinese outward investment and sustainability being led by the International Institute for Sustainable Development, with which I am still a senior fellow, under the institutional leadership of Mark Halle based out of Geneva, on behalf of the UNDP, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.…

No Excuses: Leverage the Present

A rapid, smooth, and purposeful transition toward sustainable development is unlikely. Indeed, throughout human history, such major changes have more often been forced upon the world by circumstances, with leaders focusing on shorter-term concerns like political turmoil or economic stagnation until serious disruptions to their economies and societies arise. But this need not be the case.

My latest op-ed, “Harnessing Disruption for Sustainability“, syndicated through Project Syndicate, argues that policymakers can and must develop solutions that leverage immediate challenges to accelerate the shift toward a more sustainable, inclusive future, providing examples not surprisingly from the work of the UNEP Inquiry, summarized in the latest briefing, “Pathways to Scale“.…

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