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@Davos – Alchemy of Government

Davos is done, once again – the greatest show on earth is dismantled for another year, and thousands return to their desks, planes and, hopefully, their families. My Davos was brilliant. The UNEP Inquiry was massively validated in sessions, dinners and bilaterals, notably the private dinner we co-hosted with the French Government with speakers including Minister Fabius (French foreign minister and COP Chair), Governor Carney (Bank of England), Governor N`Dungu (Central Bank of Kenya), Lord Adair Turner and Rachel Kyte from the World Bank.…

Making the Unlikely Happen: Transforming Finance

The UNEP Inquiry will be in Davos again this year. We will co-host a high-level dinner with the French Government about aligning financial systems with sustainable development, talk to many folks, and participate in a number of of green finance events, leveraging the disruptive potential of being up the magic mountain.

D3 - CoverOn the occasion of Davos, we will be releasing our third progress report, “Pathways to Scale”, exploring the `how`of making changes to finance.…

Disrupting Davos

Davos is with us again. Thousands of people will scale the magic mountain and debate the world`s most gripping challenges, protected by an equal if not greater number of Swiss military and police.

My Davos this year is intended to advance the UNEP Inquiry into Design Options for a Sustainable Financial System, more on which in my next blog.

My most recent article, Disrupting Davos, published by the Huffington Post, explores the question of whether and if so how Davos can be a disruptive accelerator of progressive initiatives.…

The Last New Year?

Although emails are rarely welcomed in the festive season, one today just to greet you all, and to hope that you will experience as you would wish the turning of the clock into a new year.

Whilst some of you are certainly well-informed, I did find myself wondering with my 10 year old daughter, Solongo, why the new year is on the 1st January, and when such a funny idea of a new year started at all.…

A Festive Inquiry @ 320 Days

As some of us move to year end, and all of us hopefully get a break or at least temporary slow down in the intensive work flow, I wanted to highlight a few of the Inquiry`s outputs that punctuate what for us has been an extraordinary journey to date.


We began our work on the 26th January 2014 on the tailwinds of the World Economic Forum in Davos, more or less 330 days ago, or 230 official work days (if only!).…

Academic Symposium on Sustainable Financial System

Today, and over the coming days, the UNEP Inquiry is co-hosting an academic symposium on aspects of a sustainable financial system with the Centre for International Governance Innovation in Waterloo, Canada. There is rightly much value placed by the deep technical expertise working in the field on demonstrable rigor, including the conceptual and theoretical side. Whilst this symposium will not put controversy to rest, it will add further support to our work and others advancing the field of financial sector design and sustainability.…

Business Performance and Sustainability 2.0 & Tsinghua SEM

Although I am no longer living in Beijing, I have retained my post at Tsinghua School of Economics and Management as Visiting Scholar. Last year, we launched a course module on Business Performance and Sustainability, certainly the first time at Tsinghua and possibly in China that a course on how business performance can be driven by improved sustainability impacts and outcomes.…

China Daily on Green Banking

China Daily, which as most know is the Chinese Government`s principle English-language, international daily, has published a discussion with me about green finance and banking, Green Should be the Color of Banking, just as I head for Beijing`s smoggy chill to participate in, in fact co-chair, a one day green finance symposium co-hosted with the Peoples Bank of China, to be held at Renmin University on the 18th November.…

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