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Yes, We CAN Afford Sustainable Development (video of lecture)

From design to delivery to those who want to “watch the video”, below is the whole two hour Kapuschinski Development Lecture, with the intros, my lecture (minute 14.50 to 56.00), the response from UNDP`s Yannick Glamarec, to the extended discussion with folks in the room and through responses to a flow of twittered questions.

Live streaming video by Ustream

Attached is the text of my speech for those who prefer a more peaceful read.…

Kapuscinski Development Lecture

Thanks to many folks who made suggestions as to what i should say in tomorrow`s Kapuscinski Development Lecture in Helsinki on the topic of “can we afford sustainable development”.

Particular thanks to Sean Kidney who leads the Climate Bonds Initiative, Ian Christie, Yannick Glamarec (from UNDP who will be my respondent here tomorrow), Inquiry colleagues – Nick Robins and Mahenau Agha, and Mira Merme, who has more than anyone encouraged me to focus on financial markets.…

Can We Afford Sustainable Development?

Here I am again seeking advise. On the 26th February in Helsinki, I will deliver the Kapuschinski Development Lecture on the topic “can we afford sustainable development“. The question of course is what I should focus on in the lecture?

Some background. This will be my first speaking role as Co-Director of the UNEP Inquiry on the Design of a Sustainable Financial System, so obviously i need to spend some time on the financial policy and regulatory side.…

LAUNCHED: Ground-breaking Inquiry to promote a sustainable financial system

Today, the 23rd January, is a red letter day, as a ground-breaking Inquiry has been launched to identify, develop and promote ways to green financial markets. The Inquiry has been established by UNEP, building on its work on the green economy and the UNEP Finance Initiative.

The Inquiry into the Design of a Sustainable Financial System will run over two years, engaging with central bankers, financial regulators, financial institution executives and others, drawing on best practice, commissioning and collaborating in research, and promoting dialogue at the national and international levels.…

Greening China`s Financial System

China and the international community need a financial system that effectively and efficiently supports the timely transition to a sustainable, and so green, economy. Until now, however, not a single nation has taken the step of even exploring what they would mean in practice. In fact not one of the many major reviews of financial markets undertaken since 2008 even mentions climate and the environment as a policy dimension of how the financial system should operate.…

South-originating Green Finance – COP19 Video Available

Developing country capital and tax dollars are some of the fastest growing sources of green finance, globally, is the conclusion of a new report:

“South-originating Green Finance: Exploring the Potential”, download:

English version here.

Chinese version here.

The report was pre-launched at the UNEP-Finance Initiative Roundtable in Beijing on 12th November at the launched at the official Swiss side-event on the 16th November at the climate negotiations in Warsaw.…

Greening Financial Market Reform

BEIJING – Trillions of dollars in “green finance” are needed annually to prevent climate change and natural constraints from stalling the global economy and threatening the livelihoods of billions of people, quantified in the Green Investment Report launched at Davos in January 2013. But investors remain resolutely brown and dirty, unwilling to bet on a sustainable future. Now, given an increased focus on regulatory reform, policymakers must seize the opportunity to chart a new course.…

Ministerial Press Briefing: 8th August 2014: Colombia`s Sustainable Growth Strategy

BOGOTA – 8th August 2014

“Madam Minister”, the journalist began his interview with the Colombian Minister of Commerce, “congratulations on your recent appointment. Colombians, whether they are business people, coffee growers, unemployed people or civil society activists, will be very interested to know what is your game plan for ensuring a robust and sustainable economy”.

“Our challenge”, the Minister began, “is not one of short-term economic growth.…


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