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SMU Tri-Sector Collaboration – Student Briefing (Version 7.0)

I am teaching the “Partnership Mindset” module of the SMU’s MSc Tri-Sector Collaboration on 10th to 14th January, 2017, in Singapore. This posting serves to inform, students, relevant facility and others about the module, including about me (my short bio), and also provide links to some of the basic material you may want to review in advance of our face-to-face time.

This is the fourth time I will have taught this module, so you might check in other cohorts to see what they think.

Below are the slides that will over the period i am Singapore appear after each day we spend together.

1. Day One

2. Day Two

3. Day Three

4. Day Four

Please find attached the following:

1. Syllabus, including reading list.

2. Schedule (subject to some change).

You will notice that we have three guest speakers, one in the room, and two via video. I would encourage you to find out something about these people and their work before the sessions, enabling you to learn beyond the basics and probe their experience more effectively in question time…they are:

Pieter Nuboer, Vice President, Human Nutrition and Health, Asia Pacific at DSM

Anthony Miller, UNCTD; Lead, Sustainable Stock Exchange Initiative

John Morrison, Chief Executive, Institute of Human Rights and Business

When you look at the reading list, you will see that some of the pieces are required (‘Y’) and others suggested (‘N’). Most are available on line with links provided. Below are a few pieces that you can download directly here as they are not available publicly on the web, including some extra pieces authored by myself not included on the reading list (not required).

A. Titans or Titanic: Towards a Public Fiduciary (Zadek, 2012), Business and Professional Ethics Journal.

B. The Paths to Corporate Responsibility (Zadek, 2004), Harvard Business Review

C. The Paths to Corporate Responsibility – Revisited (Zadek, 2015), Unpublished

D. Meaning of Accountability (Zadek, 2016), Routledge

E. Endearing Myths, Enduring Truths (Zadek, 2000), World Bank

F. Reinventing Accountability in the 21st Century, published by AccountAbility

G. The Logic of Collective Action: Public Goods and the Theory of Groups, Summary of Argument

For anyone interested in the current focus of my work, system change in the context of the need to align the financial system with the needs of sustainable development, you can look at our website:

H. The Financial System We Need: Momentum to Transformation (Zadek et al, 2016), UNEP

I. Commentaries published through Project Syndicate (Zadek, various)

J. Multi Stakeholderism: Anatomy of an Inchoate Global Institution, Chatham House (Raymond and DeNaris, 2016)

Finally, during the teaching days, I will make use of slides, and make these available to you, after their use.

I will let you know if and when I update the material on this site, and look forward to seeing you all in January.

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