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Responsible business has moved from the margins to the mainstream.  It not just demonstrated by unusual companies and leaders, but has been adopted into standards and responsibilities that influence corporate governance. Issues such as climate change go to the heart of business strategy, and the response is no longer exclusively a ‘north Atlantic’ preserve, but connects emerging powerhouses including Brazil, China, India, and South Africa.

These changes in the business of sustainability and governance are taking place at an historic moment of shifting global power. This is the ‘fourth generation’ that I described in the opening chapter of the second edition of my award-winning book, The Civil Corporation. It is the nexus that will define, for better and worse, our collective future and that of our children and their descendants.

This has been the focus of my work for two decades, explored in the introduction to an anthology of my writings, Tomorrow’s History. I have been privileged to work with amazing people who have catalyzed institutions, from The Body Shop to the Chinese Government to do things beyond their intended design or imagination. I have led a number of organisations, including the New Economics Foundation and until recently AccountAbility. I am working independently and with a constellation of institutions, notably as non-resident Senior Fellow at Harvard University, Senior Fellow at the International Institute of Sustainable Development and Honorary Professor at the University of South Africa. enables you to explore my projects, read my blog, my other publications and view media coverage of what I am up to, as well as connect to my other partners and collaborators. Let me know what you think of the site and its contents, ways in which you would like to engage and ways in which the site, and my work, can be improved.

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